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Virtual Event Day: Your Dream Team

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

You want your virtual event to be a hit. You’ve briefed, strategized, sourced, and planned. Your AV equipment is pristine and your hair is perfect. In the moments before you go live, your behind-the-scenes rock stars are already hard at work to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Here’s who they are:

Production Manager

This person oversees the entire production. From collaborating with the rest of the staff to ensuring each aspect of the event deploys successfully, your Production Manager is a power player who can make or break your event.

Production Coordinator(s)

Production Coordinators must be excellent multi-taskers. During your event they will supervise breakouts (this is a heavy lift, so you’ll need one Production Coordinator per concurrent breakout), provide starting cues for AV or production team, monitor chats, and direct tech questions to the appropriate support channels. Production Coordinators should also be in contact with the wrangler via a back-of-house Zoom Room to confirm when speakers have joined their sessions.

Pro tip: Production Coordinators are also ideal to act as your vendors’ main contact.

Tech Support

Depending on the size of your event, your tech support can be one person or an entire team. They will monitor emails, chat boxes, and any other platform for incoming support inquiries. This will keep your session chats free so your attendees can engage with the content and each other.

Pro tip: plan to have one tech staffer per 100 attendees on the first day of your event. On the following days, you can scale that back to one tech staffer per 200 attendees as needed.


This role is practically an onomatopoeia - it’s exactly what it sounds like. Your wrangler is a no-nonsense “people person” tasked to stay in contact with and (when necessary) hunt down missing speakers, MCs, entertainers, coordinators, or other critical participants. Wranglers can also act as a support person for your third party contributors to answer their questions and make sure they have what they need to deliver a great session.

Pro tip: This role can be paired with another, but the wrangler should wrangle all sessions.

Content Lead

Your Content Lead will attend the event from the perspective of a marketer. They will take down quotes, grab screenshots, and document other key moments of the event in real-time to share on social media. They will also archive these for later use to strategize post-event content marketing.

Pro tip: Online events are goldmines for content development. Appointing a Content Lead to collect these nuggets will avoid the chaos of blindly combing through hours of recordings.

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