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Spooky Season Sorcery, a Collection of Halloween Cocktail Recipes

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I love an excuse to get creative with costumery, food and beverage, decor, games and experiences for an event or get together. Halloween offers any host the chance to do something really special for an event. When planning your next Halloween shindig, elevate your guests’ experience with these spooky recipes.

Black Magic Shimmering Cocktail

This shimmering cocktail gets its dark hue from the vodka used in it. And surprise! It is also refreshing, light and citrusy. Head over to elle talk for the recipe (and so many others!).

Black Widow Smash cocktail

This cocktail comes from the Half Baked Harvest. I prefer this cocktail made with mezcal over tequila but either way it is delicious, gorgeous, and the most sophisticated of our spooky cocktails on the list.

Witch’s Brew

This shockingly green cocktail gets its color from Midori. It's a sweet cocktail that is light and approachable. Make it in a large batch and serve as punch, or dress it up and serve in a martini glass with a black sugar rim. Head to the Chunky Chef for the recipe.

Smoking Blackberry Sage Cocktail

This cocktail is nothing short of theater. Preparing, serving, and sipping this cocktail is an EXPERIENCE and a true gift for both the bartender and the receiver. Do not be intimidated by it. You can follow a recipe! Thanks to the Wicked Spatula for creating this absolutely fantastic cocktail.

Shimmery Liqueur

These shimmery liqueurs are absolutely stunning as both an actual beverage and decor for your bar area. Like the Black Magic cocktail above, these get their shimmering sheen from luster petal dust used in baking. Recipe from the Flavor Bender.

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