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Plan a Great Last Minute Holiday Party

Did you wait too long to decide to host a holiday party? Or did you decide to host a party in June but have been too swamped to start planning? Or, did you finally get around to searching for a venue just to learn that your top choices are already booked on your desired dates? Don’t fret! Last minute holiday parties don’t have to be stress mines. Here are a few tricks to make last minute magic happen.

  1. Bring the party to you. You have an office right?! Save on food and beverage minimums and rental fees by hosting in office. By hosting in your own space you can upgrade all the other elements of your event. Get indulgent catering, recruit team members to decorate, hire a roving entertainer to come in, and let people play their favorite holiday music from their own phones with a bluetooth speaker system. If you have a large office, consider hiring catering staff to come set up food stations and tray pass hors’devours.

  2. Host a semi-private event. Leverage the energy of one of your favorite places by hosting a semi-private event. Sure, your favorite totally private event space might not be available. But what about a section in one of your favorite restaurants or bars? Avoid the formality of a sit down dinner by pre-selecting appetizers to be served prior to your arrival and others to come at regularly scheduled intervals. Organize furniture so that there is space for people to mingle. Bring in your own centerpieces and decor to add to the festive spirit. Most venues are willing to work with you to create the experience you want, you just have to get creative!

  3. Host a Winter Party in January instead! January is an excellent time to host a holiday party. Even though more and more companies have started to host parties in January, it is still significantly less popular than December so you should have no trouble finding a venue. Simply re-brand as a winter or New Year party. You will still be able to stay true to the purpose of your event - thanking employees for a year of hard work and wishing them well in the New Year.

  4. Hire a planner. If you just don’t have the time, energy, or desire to plan your holiday party with end of year right around the corner, hire a professional to take the work off your plate. As with venues, it might be hard to find a planner who is still available on your date but you should be able to find someone so long as you book by November 15th.

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