To facilitate brilliance.

Meeting Nerd exists to facilitate brilliance. Our purpose is our north star and guiding like - it drives everything we do. 


To design creative, unique, and purposeful events and meetings while supporting our communities, clients, team, and partners. 


Stay on purpose, always. 

Sustainability starts with us and the choices we make at home, at work, and especially when working on a client event.

Resourceful + Resilient 

Every problem has a solution - we just need to figure it out.

Learn forever. 

Never stop learning, growing, and developing. 

Work should be energizing + fulfilling, not grueling. 


We don't believe in the grind. We average a 30 hour work week because we believe you don't need to work long to work hard and produce results. We aim to work efficiently and constantly improve our processes so that our team can get the work done without burning out. To that end, our teams work whenever and wherever they can.*

*Except when on site or otherwise scheduled meetings.

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